Welcome to Smart Foods to Freedom

Here you will find solutions to health challenges that the traditional medical system hasn’t been able to help you with.

When you learn how to muscle test your food and learn about gut-healthy foods, along with some de-stressing meditation practices, you’ll have a tool box that can assist you on your journey to wellness, and more freedom to live a vibrant life.

This process takes dedication and commitment and a willingness to let go of some things and add new ideas along the way.

This site is filled with articles on food, energy testing, new gut-biome information, and much more. I’m including a few recipes as well as a few web links for even more delicious recipes.

Learning to eat more consciously leads to more conscious decisions on what we buy, and in the long term creates a more conscious living paradigm – such as buying local, which supports local farmers and entrepreneurs.

There are also videos on the ‘how and what’ of energy and muscle testing – the basis of Smart Foods to Freedom.

Hi, I'm Ann Metcalfe - founder of Smart Foods to Freedom

Nearly twenty years ago I developed Sarcoidosis, an autoimmune disorder that changed my life for the better! I ate my way to better health and because I am curious, determined, and a lifelong learner, I am understanding more and more about our gut microbiome. Our food choices affect all aspects of our lives: mental and physical for starters.

This awakening journey I created is much different from the hospital nursing I used to do and now as a school teacher I get to take those skills down another path – teaching others how they can be more present to the food they eat in order to be the best version of themselves.

Ever felt like you’ve been sleep-walking through life and accepting things as they are – just because? You too can be more fully present to life, and it starts with that which sustains our physical being: FOOD!

I invite you to explore new possibilities beyond what you thought was possible. I did and you can too!

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Trust Your Gut: How to Eat Mindfully to Better Health

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